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Carbon Footpath
Personal carbon tracking application

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Carbon Footpath is a new online tool allowing users to track their ongoing impact on the environment

Whereas other online carbon footprint services simply let users make one-off calculations, Carbon Footpath allows users to track their energy use over time by recording information such as electricity used, miles driven/flown and fuel burned on a regular basis. At any time, a user can see both visually and numerically a running total of their carbon output, and compare this to their data for previous years, or various international averages.

After registering with Carbon Footpath users are also given the option of completing a questionnaire profiling their energy use habits, collecting data such as the number of people in the household, type of lightbulbs used and the depth of any roofing insulation present. The application combines this data with the user's energy use in order to offer various strategies for decreasing their carbon footprint. The user can then either set targets based on these suggestions, or give the system an ideal target and ask the system the quickest/most cost-effective way to meet these goals.

Using our usual agile approach, Magic Lamp developed the site in discrete iterations, delivering complete sections of functionality on a monthly basis until the site was ready for launch. The site is still under active development.