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DADA Events Management System
Bespoke CRM application & public facing website

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DADA is an events company which delivers results by closely matching its clients' target demographics with those of its members

At the heart of the DADA events management system is a sophisticated data search/analysis tool and administrative interface for creating events, invitations and sending notifications. Members sign up for DADA on the service's public website, providing data enabling DADA to effectively target them for relevant events. Event invitations are received by members via email for acceptance online and the system allows for customisation of all event details - from the maximum number of guests, cost per ticket, complimentary extras - right down to the colour of the invitation. If a member tries to accept an event which has already reached capacity, they are placed on a waiting list - thus prioritising them for future events.

Technically, the system posed a number of challenges: the creation of a high-performance emailer capable of sending tens of thousands individually customised messages per hour at varying levels of priority, the implementation of an email templating system that provided immense customisability without affecting rendering across the multitude of HTML email clients, and the design of a simple but powerful management interface to access the advanced search features and visually build event invitations.

At the beginning of 2007 the DADA website was revamped with the addition of a number of social networking features, including member profiles/messaging, live online guestlists and event photo galleries. Business members were not left out, with pre-event screening features to show guest breakdowns by industry, seniority and objectives.