Magic Lamp

How can we help you?
Most of the enquiries received from potential clients fall into the categories below, so take a quick look and see what we can do for you. Even if none of the scenarios apply, you may still have a hunch that we're the right team for the job - just contact us to discuss whether we're the right match for your project.

I am looking for a complete website »

Our team has been putting content onto the web since the late 90s and has kept up with technology ever since, be it accessibility, DDA compliance, search engine optimised markup or usability evaluation. If you need content management or e-commerce features we can provide these too - please see below for further information.

When it comes to design, we can either work with your in-house team or preferred design agency. We'll co-ordinate the whole project so you'll have a single point of contact throughout.

I already have a simple website but I want to sell online/update content myself »

Magic Lamp maintains Freefall, our own content management and e-commerce platform. Unlike many other companies' offerings in this area, we have created not a one-size-fits-all product, but a 'project springboard' providing standard CMS/e-commerce infrastructure that is readily customisable to meet the exact requirements of your publishing and workflow procedures.

Your software should adapt to the way you work - not dictate it.

I want to improve my business's efficiency through automation/integration »

If you've found yourself performing a repetitive task on your PC and thinking "there must be a quicker way to do this", our automation services are for you. We are adept at spotting opportunities for saving time and reducing errors by introducing automation into everyday procedures.

Integration allows your various systems to talk to each other. This could mean your website relaying orders to your back-office database. Or allowing your CRM software to automatically add new customers to your accounting systems. Or maybe just something as simple as sending a text message when the office coffee machine is empty.

I have an idea for an application/service »

The development of any signifcant software application is not simply an engineering process - in the process of creating something original and unknown, such projects also inevitably take on a certain research aspect.

Our methodology is well suited to such projects, and by rapidly prototyping new ideas and seeking feedback from the project outset, everyone involved will get a feel for what works and what could be improved. Gradually we'll be homing in on the desired product - meaning you end up with what you want - and not what we thought you wanted.

Once your application is complete, we can supply all necessary hosting, support and maintenance. We pride ourselves in excellent after-care, as demonstrated by the fact we continue to maintain all of the major web applications we have built for clients and have deployed numerous major upgrades to each.

I run a creative agency and I think it would be more cost-effective for me to outsource the technical work »

Our creative agency support services include HTML web/email template builds, running/tracking email/SMS marketing campaigns, content management and web hosting. Our experience combined with our custom tools allow us to turn your jobs around rapidly at a very competitive price.