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This is Jam Hot 01.05.2008 »

When one of the UK’s hottest new creative agencies needed some magic added to their new website what did they do? They rubbed the lamp of course. Doing our stuff, we developed JamHot’s new website which includes some nifty image thumb transitions on the portfolio section and the integration of flash animations and a showreel. Being nice people they also gave us a nice testimonial…

“The guys at Magic Lamp did a sterling job in helping us bring our creative to life for our new website. We’ve only just launched and already are getting amazing comments and quality business enquiries. Magic lamp responded to every query and challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism… which was ideal!”

Graeme McGowan / MD / JamHot

Into the Dragon's Den! 28.04.2008 »

It was a scary prospect, when approached about working with a former Dragon from Dragon’s Den we weren’t sure if they would demand 40% of our business as a condition of working with them. Turns out we needn’t have worried, as all they were looking for from us was some entrepreneurial website development.

Working with our friends at Atom we have recently completed the development of the new website for former Dragon Rachel Elnaugh. The site offers advice on entrepreneurship and business start-up allowing visitors to unlock the secrets to achieve personal fulfilment and success. The site is fully content managed and includes an on-line event booking system with integrated payment mechanism. The site also offers a database of Rachel’s Gurus, containing people who’s work she recommends.

New Site Tees Off 21.04.2008 »

We’ve just finished the development of a new site for Paradise Island, the World’s largest indoor adventure golf centres. With the company expanding throughout the UK they needed a more effective web presence with increased functionality, and that’s exactly what they got. Working with JamHot, one of Scotland’s leading creative agencies, we developed a fully content managed site with micro-sites for both their Glagsow and Manchester attractions. Delivered under tight timescales, both JamHot and Paradise Island were delighted by the results. So… if you ever have the urge to play Golf indoors then get along to Paradise Island, and if you ever need some quality web development skills call Magic Lamp. Please make sure you don’t get it the wrong way round though, we don’t take kindly to people brandishing golf clubs in our office.

Includem come on board 08.02.2008 »

New content managed site.

We're all happy at Magic Lamp. The reason for this, we've just been appointed by City Hall to develop a nice new website for Includem. The site will feature a fully content managed public facing website along with a more secretive private intranet site for staff members.

Eat, drink and be sociable 05.02.2008 » get community spirited.

Continuing our strong relationship with the insanely innovative, we have recently launched their brand new community site.

Eating out is a social occasion and we wanted to carry that through to every aspect of the company website. The site features a handy event planner where users can plan an event with friends by selecting possible dates and venues, sending email invites to friends then allowing them to vote on their preference. Once the votes are in, users can confirm their booking. That's what we call good democracy in action.

The site also features social networking functionality such as adding friends, bookmarking restaurants, creating a profile, sending messages and browsing / writing restaurant reviews. The new map-based search features integration between Google and local venue databases, so getting lost will never get in the way of getting fed again.

Make mine a stiff one 23.01.2008 »

Not a double, but a triple development project for Stiffy's.

We're busy mixing up three new sites for Scottish drinks company Stiffy's as designed by the good people of atom. Alongside this we will be developing an online store for their VC2 brands, allowing the brand to support it's off line growth by developing on-line sales.

We've got the Horne 09.01.2008 »

Content on tap for Scottish engineering company.

What a crazy world. You think you've satisfied the Horne then it comes back looking for more. It's not a bad thing, in fact it's brilliant. Following our successful development of the Optitherm microsite for Horne Engineering, Magic Lamp are delighted to be working with Atom to build new content managed site for Horne, who make the nicest taps and pumps you've ever laid your eyes on.

Work. Work. Work. 15.11.2007 »

Increasing productivity for a leading marketing agency.

When DADA were looking for ways to streamline internal processes and harness the productivity of their dedicated workforce they turned to Magic Lamp for an innovative solution.

As one of Scotland's leading marketing agencies DADA deal with a mass amount of data and intellectual property, which needs to be effectively managed. In order to put them head and shoulders above the competition we build them an internal staff intranet which included a messaging system, RSS feeds and a centralised image and asset management bank.

Hard work made easy via the power of the intranet.

London Baby! 02.11.2007 » launch in London with a little help from Magic Lamp.

You know what it's like, you move to a new city and it can sometimes be difficult to fit in. Not so with's grand launch in London thanks to a nifty bit of integration dished up by Magic Lamp.

In order to extend their reach in to the London market we worked alongside Livebookings, an established provider of online, real-time restaurant booking services, extending's booking system to integrate seamlessly with the Livebookings system. This new friendship allowed access to over 250 new restaurants, with bookings made via the system automatically relayed to Livebooking's central database.

That's some tasty integration right there!

Building for Builders 29.10.2007 »

A new site for the new kid on the block.

Merchant Homes. An exciting new house builder. They build in bricks we build in beautiful code. And code we did, working with our friends at Atom to deliver a clean cut site for them which drives registrations and provides the latest development brochures in downloadable PDF format.

Lovely, and the best bit - no 25 year mortgage was required, only a simple monetary transaction.